Unraid Nas to go with HP 290 Plex Server?

Guys, I already have a plex server with a HP290. I have a 6TB Netgear Readynas 214. Netgear stopped supporting the 214 last year. What would be the best reccomendation for a new media server/nas? Can I build a new Nas with my current set up? What do you guys suggest? I have a AMD 2700x - B450 build 16gb ram , 1050ti kicking around.

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You can use the 2700x etc as a NAS, sure. You may possibly even be able to leave out the GPU. It’s overkill for media storage but if you’ve got it on hand then the price is right.

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You’re almost like mine, I own the X3700 and RTX2070S, and I’m thinking of turning it into an unraid server to run plex server , docker staff , VR

Under this situation, we are forced to use GPU because the CPU which we have

The GPU will be relied on to run all graphics including the plex plex in the server