Unraid moving to subscription model

From Serve the Home (STH) - Unraid Moves to Annual Subscription Pricing Model

And directly from the source - Unraid | Upcoming Changes to Unraid OS Pricing

Existing plans grandfathered in, so the “Buy Once, Use for Life. No subscription. No hidden fees.” verbiage on the purchase page is still technically valid, for an indeterminate amount of time.

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Are we thinking it’s a good idea to buy a license before they convert to the new licenses? Without dollar amounts, it’s hard to calculate anything.

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Towards the end of the podcast episode showcased in the blog post linked above, Tiffany Jones (Co-CEO of Lime Technology) said something along the lines of “if you’re on a trial now and want to pay for a license, I would recommend doing it sooner rather than later.” So, no definitive dates or prices yet, but if you were planning on buying a license under the current model I wouldn’t wait much longer.

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Are there any Unraid coupon codes currently active?

Might be a good time to purchase if you have been on the fence.

Also could just be something they “leaked” so they could gauge customer sentiment. Possible they will choose to do nothing and just enjoy all the signups they get from the FOMO crowd.

lol, wouldn’t that be a wild marketing idea? Nothing builds trust like deceiving your customer base. :grinning:

I know Unraid popular here, so I thought people should be aware. Considering this forum has a lot of ways to get more value out of older and cheaper parts, putting a subscription OS onto your hardware that may quickly outpace the cost of said hardware (hard drives excluded) seems antithetical to the objective many are here for. And even then, the software may just be so good that it’s worth it, but I’d certainly consider whether I’d want to make that investment over another option.

for what its worth, they are still going to offer a one time purchase lifetime updates option under the current “Pro” version. Its just the other two tiers that are switching to sort of a subscription only. You also aren’t required to keep paying if you don’t care if you’re getting the most up-to-date version. You can just stay on whatever version you end up on after a year and that’s that.

Not all that bad all things considered imo.

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