Unraid Gaming Box

Completed this build and it is up and 100% working now.


AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
ASUS Prime B450-Plus
G Skill 32 GB DDR4 RAM
Sabrent 1 TB NVMe
AS Rock RX570
Gigabyte AORUS RX580
EVGA 550W power supply
Fractal Design Focus G case
Crucial 275 GB SSD that I had laying around for my ‘array’ which really just has ISO files and stuff
2 Arctic cooling 120mm fans I had leftover from buying a 5 pack back when I built my first Unraid server that does all my media serving.

This thing has been performing really well for me. I’m playing a lot of Cities Skylines right now, and my wife uses her VM to play the Sims on her laptop anywhere in the house.


Yours is looking pretty similar to mine!
My wife uses her VM to play the Sims as well, I really don’t understand it.

JDM_WAAAT - i’m curious as to the specs of this build and interested since both this and the one above seem to also serve as gaming rigs which is a requirement for my build.