Uh... Intel NUC cluster super-mini-computer




Low Power Server Cluster Intel Nucs and Nvidia Jetson TK1s Cat6 w Switch 1U Tray

This listing is for a low power server array consisting of the following:

10 x Intel Nuc N3700 Quad Core Pentium 1.6Ghz (Ram & HDD removed)

       Each includes headless HDMI plug

5 x Nvidia Jetson TK1 graphics units

1 x Netgear Prosafe 16 Port Gigabit Switch GS116

1 x Mean Well LRS-350-12 12V Power Supply

2 x Mini Fuse Blocks

All wired together with Cat 6 to Switch with one RJ45 plug on front of tray to plug it all in.

These were used in a data center for a startup that went bust.

I am the seller and just re-posted these. $300 buy it now free shipping. We were losing and this is for a client. Shipping materials alone are over $10 and they are large boxes which makes for oversize shipping which we did not originally account for. Also, some were selling overseas w free shipping so we had no choice but to fix. I think this is still a great deal for those that want to try them out and we will get them out quick!

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Thanks for posting, I’ve announced the deal to the discord server. There’s quite the discussion about it.

If you have any other deals, let me know.

Would it be fairly easy to make a pfsense box out of one of these? I could definitely see using one of these as a pfsense box and using the rest for a k8s cluster. What do you guys think?