trueNAS Scale for server OS

Anyone on here using the new TrueNas Scale as the base OS for their server?

I started another test machine using TrueNas SCALE 2.022 something their RC2 model. And it’s my base OS and using it’s built in Docker and VM system to run a few modules including Jellyfin. I still have some issues but I’m mostly sure it’s user error as I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Like Jellyfin doesn’t transcode for my one roku but I haven’t tried it with the others.

but the vm system works pretty well I think and it’s nice to have all together. And you can do system snapshots like Proxmox.

IMO, avoid scale. It’s not a mature product, it has a lot that still needs to be developed. Namely, the ACL for permissions. It does not work properly, and the devs have even acknowledged it.

For regular home use, most people should be running Unraid.

it seems alot of that was fixed with RC2. but yes there were alot of issues with the beta release and some issues with the first RC.

I’ve also given thought to doing a test system with just Ubuntu server now that they support ZFS.

I’m not quite comfortable with unraid as it seems a lost oppertunity. I mean if I’m going to have 3 or more of the same drives then I don’t get the performance benefits I would get out of ZFS and the redundancy is not quite the same as I read it. I however have never used it so I’m going by what I read and what my IT crew at work tell me. They have me pretty hard over on the ZFS camp and so far I like it.

The issue I speak of was not fixed with RC2.

What issue specifically? Im curious?

Meanwhile I think I’ll test the Ubuntu server theory next. My main device is the first one I made and is proxmox with 1 4core vm for trueenasCore and a 4core for Ubuntu server. On server I have Dockers for jellyfish and others.

Test machine is same hardware but different drives. To play with. I suppose I should try unRAID too.

Curious about your thoughts on truenas at home. I get not running scale as it’s immature, but what about core? I saw in another thread you recommend against truenas in favor of unRAID for home users, but I am wondering if that holds true when home setups start getting large?

I am a long time unRAID user with a dual xeon, 24-drive server. I recently acquired a second 24 drive chassis that I originally intended to be a backup server running truenas (I’ve been playing around with scale at the moment, but am still in the planning phase).

Sipping the truenas/Zfs kool-aid has me feeling like my data is not very protected with a meager 2 parity drives.

What’s your theoretical vdev setup for this new 24 drive chassis?

I was going to ask how deep do you want to protect your info on the vdev?

I’m only planning to ever do Z1 setup so one parity drive - but one per Vdev. and I eventually see me using 2 Vdevs in my server but I’m not doing much with it.

Reason I only feel the need for 1 - is my data there isn’t all that valuable and the really valuable stuff in that data is backed up again offsite. For me that personal pictures and videos but even then not that much info. But that stuff I have in 3 different places. If I had alot of personal stuff to save I’d seriously consider z2 setup for just that data set.

Also I was going to ask. Specifically what is the ACL issue?

I had some issues with ACL use when I first tested truenas scale but I seem to have no issues with RC2. I have read there are some other issues - but so far I have had pretty good luck with the test rig. I’m not using too many advanced features though either.

There a 12bay jbod in the mix too. I was thinking 12 wide z2. 2x12x8tb and 1x12x18tb I also considered 6 wide z2 which I understand has less overhead as well as 12 wide z3.

none of my data is too valuable. The stuff that is has plenty of backups. I’ve been on the fence about backing up media files. Yeah it would suck to lose them but as long as I have the list of what everything was I could always redownload it. The alternative being make 1 giant 60bay nas across 3 chassis

That’s a great point I need to work out - getting some system that keeps track of what media I have in some portable list that can be saved ocasionally elsewhere. like say e-mail me a excel or CSV text file.

surely some system does this, I should look for that.