[Troubleshooting] NAS Killer mini-itx build - disable intel boot agent

Thanks again for the guide - I ended up building the mini-itx grabbing a DQ77KB from a seller in the forum marketplace and using an i7-3770s I had lying around all put in a fractal node 304. I ended up grabbing 5 4TB HPE drives for $9 a piece on eBay (error on seller’s pricing but he honored it). I have OMV running and still working out the logistics of how I want to run the NAS but am having an issue when booting and the Intel Boot Agent wanting to PXE boot. Boot to Network is Disabled in the BIOS but it still wants to run Intel Boot Agent. I can’t figure out why it’s happening and was hoping someone had an idea on how to disable Intel Boot Agent. Any advice would be appreciated.