Transfer issues

Having some issues with transferring files across my network. I have a laptop hardwired to a gigabit switch, connected to a separate gigabit switch and then hardwired to my tower. I use FileZilla to transfer files and my expectation is to receive close to 125MB/s transfer speed. However, it is consistent at 9.0MB/s.

Laptop: Linux Mint
Tower: W10

Any thoughts?

Bad cable somewhere in the mix. Or bad settings for the connection on one end.

Any reason you’re using Filezilla? I’m not saying it’s the cause, but it’s definitely not helping.

Double checked both settings, everything set correctly. No speed limits in place.

It’s the same program I use to transfer files from my seedbox to home computers. Open to other solutions.

I’d recommend testing with iperf. Have you already tested with different cables?

Alright, a lot accomplished:

  1. Checked all cables:
    -2 specified CAT6
    -other not marked
    -replaced unmarked with Cat6
    -80 Mbit/s with iperf (consistent across 10 tests)

  2. Removed basement switch (TP-Link SG1005D - 2015ish) from equation:
    -Running laptop->Cat6->TP-Link SG103 V3.0->Cat6->tower
    -700 Mbit/s with iperf (average across 8 tests)

  3. Ran transfer tests with FileZilla on ftp
    -increased from 9 MB/s to 45 MB/s

-even though the basement SG1005D is rated as 1Gb switch, it is only performing at 100Mb speeds

Moving Forward:
-Replace basement switch with actual 1Gb
-Increase transfer speeds with FileZilla or find new program/tool
–However, migrating tower to Unraid and running FileZilla as docker would eliminate the need for manual transferring across network

Side note: love using the reply/posting on non-mobile, the preview tab is amazing… great work JDM

I guess I am also confused by your use case for using ftp over the other protocols. Is there a specific app or something you’re using?

Using FileZilla to transfer files between my two computers. I used to have my tower upstairs, however moved it to the basement as I only use it as my Plex server. I have not yet changed the OS from W10 to Unraid and do not have a monitor in the basement for it. I use teamviewer to remote into it and apply any updates/use GUI.

In order to get files from my seedbox to tower, I would use SFTP on FileZilla directly. However, without a monitor and not wanting to load up teamviewer all the time, I simply SFTP the files to my laptop. Then, once a week, I use FileZilla to transfer them to my tower in the basement.

I am very new to the software and networking aspect of computers; more familiar with hardware from building pcs.

Your could share and mount a network drive to the tower

Then it’s just drag and drop. I use teracopy myself.