Total noob, NAS build list

I’m ok with getting ripped apart if this is in the wrong area or for saying something stupid, like the title implies, I’m a total noob when it comes to building computers. I’ve done simple repairs, swapping psu’s and hdd’s, but no complete builds. A little background, mechanically speaking, I’m great at building/assembling stuff, my professional background is in building cars and metal fabrication. My computer background doesn’t go beyond my simple repairs listed above.

I found this website a couple days ago and have been lurking around since, I’ve Finally been serious about getting a NAS over the past week, and reading and researching everything I can to learn what I should do next. I quickly realized building one was going to be the better option for me since pre-built units seem way over priced and under powered.

I’ve put together a list of a few major components I’m considering for my build, and I would love some feedback from the more experienced people here since I’m actually ready to start buying parts, and see what you guys think about the potential of the system.

Currently I have 4 portable hdds 3tb to 5tb almost all full. Full disclosure, 70% is porn I’ve collected throughout my life, 20% is movies and TV shows, and the rest are digital comic books, while I could probably easily find any 1 item I have relatively quick online again, having and keeping my collection safe is important to me. Almost everything I have aside from some of the comics is formatted to play on my TV properly or through my ps4, which I’m still unsure of how to accomplish with an NAS without using plex. As I understand it, you can’t run a USB from a ps4 to an nas to play through your TV, which is how I consume most of my media from my portable hdds, so any info on how to fix that if it’s possible please let me know as well.

So here’s my list…

Case: fractal design node 804
MB: msi mag b365m mortar lag 1151
Cpu: intel core i5 9th gen- unsure of specific model needed
Psu: cooler master masterwatt 550
Ram: I’m looking at crucial and crucial ballistix 16gx2 for 32gb total, still considering 16gb-24gb,
Hdds: I’m torn between wd 8tb red drives and Seagate ironwolf 8tb drives

Those are the parts I’ve researched and really liked, I was planning on swapping all the fans and adding a couple specifically quiet, matching fans for the case, I found a nice cooler master cpu fan for like 34 bucks, but my main issue is just seeing what everyone has to offer as far as what else to look for to make sure the parts I’m buying are compatible, and if they will work together nicely. I’m reading spec sheets and matching up what I can, but a things like knowing what ddr4 ram I’m buying to fit my MB is still confusing me, I don’t see where either 260 or 288 pins are required, for example.

So thanks in advance and hopefully this is in the right area.

Another thing I’m trying to figure out, without much luck, is whether or not I can store my OS, which I’m looking into freenas for, on an ssd, or does it stay on a USB drive?

My laptop has a 250gb ssd and 1tb hdd, all my apps and os are stored on the ssd, can my nas operate the same way?

I thought that was the point of having an m.2 ssd?

If not, what’s the point of an m.2 nmve ssd? I’m looking at a Samsung 250gb for like 60 bucks I think, which seems decent to me.

Hopefully you guys can help me out here. Thanks

  1. SSD…don’t follow the directions that tell you to use a usb. Its outdated.

  2. Not sure what you are asking

  3. Not sure what you are asking

  4. speed mainly

  5. I hope so too.

Have you checked out the OTiS guide? It should cover pretty much all of the bases that you’re looking for.