Tires and Wheels for my 2018 Outback

Thanks to some coaching from JDM I have decided to down size from the stock 18" to a 17" wheel.

I am currently awaiting arrival and installation of both.

I am currently awaiting 5 of the following ::
Sparco Terra’s
Tire Rack :: $168.26 Ea
Nokian WR G4 SUV
Discount Tire :: $157 Ea

That I hope will look something like this::

Tire Sizing Info:

I will update this post with final pictures when the time comes:

Tires: 5@ $973.02 - Includes mount balance and TPMS sensor switch over
Wheels: 5@ $913.65 - Includes centering ring and lugs
Total Price Installed : Estimated $1,886.67

Drum Roll ……………

Only downside is that the spare ended up being to big even with the insert out. So I will have to come up with a plan ‘B’

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Have any screenshots of the specspro diagrams? I forget where I put them. Excited to see them IRL!

let me see if I still have the for the size we went with


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Man, they look even better IRL than in the mock-ups! Very jealous.

The mockups make them look really small compared to reality

Any reason you didn’t go the route of Geolander A/T G015? Here’s mine.


It was a combination of advice, reading on the Outback forums, and reading reviews on that particular tire. Either way now that I have the 17" wheels I will have a little more freedom when I buy the next set of tires.

Nokians are quieter, retain traction and softness in very cold temperatures, and are better at siping water. Important since @Etumos lives in the Seattle area.

Geolandar A/T are great all around, especially for trail use. Still a great tire, but I think the Nokian are a superior tire for his uses.

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