Time for an upgrade - Coming from NAS Killer 3.0

I built, what I think was, a NAS Killer 3.0 a few years ago. It has worked great for a long time but now I think it’s finally time to upgrade this. Theres a few problems and things/features I would like to upgrade in my next build.

The main use for my server is Plex. For my own use locally and for a few users streaming. I also use it as a back up drive for general use and as a Time Machine for my macbook. Other uses I would like is to run up a couple VM’s, but I haven’t got around to this yet.

The current set up is:
Intel S5500BC Motherboard
2 x Intel l5630 CPUs
12gb RAM
Corsair CX550M PSU
4 x 6TB (including Parity drive) Western Digital hard drives
Antec Three Hundred Two tower

The problems I currently have with this build are:

  • If the tower happens to shut down, it is a nightmare to get back on! It has to be rebooted several times/get really lucky for it to come back on. Once its booted, its fine and stays up.

  • Unraid can’t be upgraded past 6.7.2, as it crashes every few days if you go past this point. Its stable on 6.7.2, I have tried many times to upgrade but the server stays up for a few days then crashes.

  • Some of the RAM slots are broken on the CPU, so can’t put any more RAM into the machine

These are the main problems with my build. They seem to all point towards the motherboard, but I’m not sure what I’d replace it with at this point.

However the features I would like in my next build would be:

  • Smaller, quieter case/build. The Antec Three hundred just takes up too much room, and is quite loud so you can’t really be in the same room as it. I’d also like it so I can easily pop out drives and replace them, its not that easy in this case.

  • Be able to stream 4K video. I currently download 4K videos for myself to play locally and they work great, however the people that stream from me can’t play the videos so I have to delete my 4K version to replace it with a 1080 version for them to stream. I would like to just be able to stream these 4k files (even on direct play, it seems to stutter).

These are the main two, but I’d also like to solve my problems of not being able to update Unraid, and it booting up first time!

If there is any advice, then I would really appreciate it, there are so many options!


It does appear to be MOBO related. What is your budget? How much future upgradeablity would you prefer? Sounds like you will need good transcode support to down convert the streams.

I’m from the UK, i don’t have a specific budget in mind but less than £500?
I would like to upgrade in future for sure, definitely more drives but I also want to keep it open to other upgrades too.
Any new motherboard and CPU recommendations? Will a 4th Intel CPU be good enough for this like in the NAS killer builds or do i need something newer?

4th Gen is still very valid and the E5-26XXv3/4 processors are still coming down in price. If your looking for a single processor MOBO then the X79/X99 boards are a good value. They have Dual CPU boards as well LINK.
I do not have any experence first hand with those boards maybe someone else can weigh in on reliablity. Supermicro X10 GEN boards can be found for good prices and are known for their reliability. So are ASUS Workstation/Server boards. Shop around and post links to what you find someone here will gladly weigh in on pros/cons of each.

I’ll make a quick comment on your streaming 4K videos issue for I also have the same problem. The issue is most likely not the hardware but the bitrate of the video that is being streamed. I have several 4K videos that have a bitrate above my 25 Mbps upload so I have to convert these videos below that bitrate in order for them to stream properly. I use Handbrake to do these conversions.

You should generally keep 4k content local and play it directly, not transcode it.
I don’t have any issue playing 4k content locally, even some files that are 150Mbps.

Yes, you are right. I should have clarified my statement by stating that my WAN users have an issue when the bitrate exceeds my upload rate of 25 Mbps.

What’s your upload speed?
What’s their download speed?
What client?
Are your WAN users transcoding?

IMO there’s just too many factors that you cannot control, which is generally why I do not recommend letting 4k outside of your local network.