Threadrunner-ish Build

Similar to Threadrunner only because it uses the same motherboard, which I found on Craiglists (along with CPUs and RAM).

Part Item Seller CAD USD (approx.)
Motherboard Intel S2600CP4 Craigslist $380 $290
CPUs Xeon E5-2630 - x2 Incl. w mobo
RAM 64GB DDR3 ECC - 4x16GB Incl. w mobo
CPU coolers Deepcool Gammaxx 400 - x2 Local PC Shop $40 $30
GPU MSI GTX 1050 on hand
Case Rosewill RSV-L4500 Amazon $150 $120
PSU Corsair TX750 on hand
Cable 2 molex to 8 pin CPU power adapter Local PC shop $10 $8
Cable Startech 4x SATA power splitter Amazon $8 $6
SAS HBA Dell PERC H200 SAS HBA (flashed to IT mode) Ebay $33 $25
Cables 3FT SFF8087 to SATA (x4) forward breakout cable - x2 Amazon $24 $18
SSD Samsung EVO 840 500GB on hand
HDDs 15 x 3 or 4TB drives - 45TB with single parity drive on hand
TOTAL $645 $497

Some thoughts on the whole thing

  • This was an upgrade for my Unraid box, which use to run an i7 920, 16 GB of RAM and most of the hardware I had ‘on hand’, all in an old gaming PC case.
  • Cable management is OK, still might try to improve it. One challenge was the cases’s power/reset wires, which just barely made it to header (top left corner of mobo). I pretty much had to run the wires straight there, with running them under the motherboard the only way to make it look good.
  • I took out the fan wall out to make installation and cable management easier with the intention of putting it back in, but I think I might leave it out for ease of access. Everything has been running cool without it (drives ~30 deg C, CPUs ~50 dec C under full load).
  • 4 SATA ports on the S2600CP4 are dedicated to an Intel C600 RAID SCU controller, which can only operated in software RAID (or so I’ve read). This means I can’t use these ports with Unraid. If anyone knows a workaround I’d be happy to hear about it.
  • The above point is why I had to use the PERC H200, which is fine actually because it is 6 Gbps (the above is only 3 Gbps) and the breakout cables make management easier.
  • I bought a cheap 4 port USB 3 PCIE card on ebay (its in the picture, with molex power run to it), but Unraid doesn’t have driver support for it. If anyone knows a trick to get it working, I’d love to hear it.
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