Thoughts on my build

I am looking to start a fresh new unraid server this summer, its going to be installed after we have completed a home renovation.

Mainly the server will be used for :
NZBget Docker
Radarr Docker
Sonarr Docker
Pihole Docker
Home Assistant VM
Windows VM
Media storage that will get fed to Kodi devices

After looking at this thread I have landed on the following. I have purchased none of it, so I am happy to hear any changes you guys might have.

Case: Rosewill 1.0 mm Thickness 4U Rackmount Server Chassis
Mobo : asus z97-a
Processor : 5th gen i7 3.3 4core 8thread SR2AG
RAM : 4x8gb ddr3 pc3-12800u -sodimm
Cache : SSD Cache drive
Storage : 8 or 12GB WD drives.
PSU : EVGA 750 n1 750w

Thanks for looking

Basic of build look good. The only thing that would give me pause is the Windows VM. You’ll have 4/8 cores on the i7, which will run all your dockers without a sweat, but you want to run Windows 10. What is the planned use for W10 VM?

I run a Windows VM on a 4th gen i7 giving it only 2 of the 4 cores and 8GB RAM with no issues.

It isn’t used for games or anything graphically intensive. I expect it would struggle hard with any of those things.

Then that all plays. W10 as a remote desktop, no big. W10 as a remote gaming desktop (i.e. Parsec) would not work out so well. Sounds like you build is more than capable, but I’ll let others chime in.

With that load, you’ll be fine. I run something similar with a few more vms and containers and it runs my win10 gaming VM just fine. The only part that slows it down is the IO overhead with loading games initially but after that they run just fine.