The SenComm Rack

My first server rack. APC rack, had to be cut to fit in my basement. We have a 24port patch pane, with cat6 keystones for easy addition of new connections. Each server is(or will be) punched directly into a keystone and the into the Aruba S2500-48P switch. No vlans configured yet but will be as i get security cameras. Next we have a Bosch DIVAR 7000 server with a super micro board and 19TB of storage! this is going to be my security storage server as i get that project going. Below that we have an old dell server that is going to be my PFsense FW when i switch it over. Below that in the tower case is my old LEGO build running pfsense. and at the very bottom is the unraid server that i need to get rails for.

Internet is fed by a 1Gb up and down fiber connection.

Last things to get for this rack are: Rails for Rosewiill 4u case, a rack mounted UPS and install a grounding wire.