SVS Subwoofers - back down to Black Friday prices

SB12-NSD - 400W RMS/800W Peak

Sealed 12", low extension to 23Hz
Sealed is faster, slightly better for music, and much smaller.
$399 -

PB12-NSD - 400W RMS/800W Peak (I have two of these)

Ported 12", low extension to 18Hz (insanely low)
Ported goes lower, slightly better for home theater, and is larger.
$499 -

SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System, 4-Pack

These are incredible. A little expensive, but a must if you have solid flooring or thinner carpet. (I have these on both of my subs, they don’t transfer any vibrations through the floor with these.
$49 -

My setup -

Those are solid subs for the money. I’m on my 2nd of the ported pb12-nsd’s and they absolutely kill it for a middle of the road HT. In the upper end there’s a few ID subs that are imo more value, but in this tier/price they’re very good performers

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