SuperMicro X9SCM-F in other than rack chassis?


Found a good deal on a SuperMicro X9SCM-F motherboard with CPU.
First nas build and im a bit confused regarding how different motherboards will fit physically in different chassis.
I would rather build something based on a “cube” or halftower chassi but from what i can se this motherboard arent right for that. Would appreciate some guidance.

Cheers, JW

The X9SCM-F is a great motherboard!
One of the most popular guides here uses it, the NAS Killer 4.0.

Just about everything you need to know is in that thread.

Thats good to know! :slight_smile:
Actually the reason i started to look for these kind of boards is because of your site, its awesome, thanks!

I bought the board complete with a E3 1230V2 and 16 Gb Ram for 160 USD. Pretty happy with that.
There are two things i cant find info about in the thread though.

  1. I can see this board is intended for 1U chassis right? Is there any way i can use it in a smaller tower chassi? If not i will probably DIY a chassi i think…

  2. Im looking at using Freenas. For a fast OS HDD, what is the best option?


The board works in any chassis that supports Micro ATX, it’s not specifically 1U. The only thing that is 1U specific is the CPU heatsink, which you should definitely replace.

I would highly recommend Unraid over FreeNAS.