SuperMicro X10SL7-F seems dead, what should I do?

I finally found the time to troubleshoot why my NAS is not really starting up and it seems the SuperMicro X10SL7-F I received doesn’t work. I have a new Cooler Master power supply 750W and when turning the machine on (using the ON/OFF connected case button) the LE6 becomes red. Supermicro said I probably need RMA.

So while I do have the CPU (a Xeon E3 something… don’t remember and couldn’t find what I bought, nor how much I paid for it) and the 32GB ECC RAM, I am wondering where I should just buy a 2nd hand/refurbished mobo and keep that setup, or if there is something “better” which would fit similar pricing more or less, be able to connect my SAS and SATA drives and keep the same format to fit in the case (microATX)?

I live in South East Asia and getting things can be troublesome. Prices of that mobo without CPU/RAM oscillates between $100 to $400+ . The easiest to get for me would be in the $200 range (fastest and lowest import duties).

Thank you for your opinions.


First, we should check part compatibility.

You can look at the part numbers on the CPU and RAM. Post them here and we can advise if they are or not.

Ram is easy: Samsung 8GB 2Rx8 PC3l - 12800E-11-12-E3 . I need to unplug the CPU though… not so hard… Intel XEON E3-1278V3 - SR151 3.50GHZ

Is that enough?
Thank you again :slight_smile:

Is there something missing? Supermicro is ok to service it but cost is unspecified at this stage.

LE6 is power indicator. Solid RED means power supply is not ON. You need to probably check your connections and/or swap out power supply and try again. I assume you also need to verify the voltage/hz of the power supply in the country you live in. Is it set to 230v, 115v?

verify the board is not shorting/grounding out on the chassis as well.

Go to the Supermicro webset and look at the memory compatibility list and see if your ram/cpu is on that list. These boards are pretty particular.

I indeed looked at this issue and… well maybe not deep enough. I will double check with both the mobo and the power supply documentation and revert back. Maybe everything is working and I am just stupid! (I wish…)