Supermicro X10SAE Xeon E3-1226V3 8GB DDR3 or SuperMicro X9SRL-F Xeon E5-2609 16GB DDR3

A friend has both these set ups and is willing to sell me either for $150. I’m looking to do a NAS killer build and run Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, etc. Which would you go with?

The X10SAE has the faster cpu and the more modern LGA1150 socket, but the X9SRL-F has wayyyy more RAM capacity and more SATA ports. Are there other important metrics I should be taking into account?

Unless you think you’d ever want more than 32GB RAM, the X10 would be a better choice.

Also consider your PCI expansion needs. The X10 has x16 while the X9 does not, but the X9 has a lot more useable slots in general (X9 server board vs X10 workstation board)

personally i would go with the x9srl. but for my use case it’d be an all in one build. you can upgrade the cpu if you need more cores/ghz and the ram capabilities are way more. but it all depends on what you’re going to do with it. you can use a gpu for passthrough for a gaming machine and add another card for plex transcoding. can add 10gig card and sas drive controllers as well. if it’s strictly a nas build, then the x10 hands down.

somewhat of a side note, $150 for the x9 combo is a steal. the board itself goes for that price on ebay.