SuperMicro Fusion ioScale PCI-E 3.2TB MLC SSD - $200 after OBO

SuperMicro Fusion ioScale PCI-E 3.2TB MLC SSD - F11-002-3T20-CS-0001

$249.00 free shipping, OBO

Unraid compatible?

You can pass it as a PCIe device to VMs, but it does not work natively with Unraid as a cache drive.
Apparently it’s on the “to-do” list for Unraid.



Windows driver install + user manual:
Fusion_io_windows_drivers.part1.rar (4 MB)
Fusion_io_windows_drivers.part2.rar (3.1 MB)

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More of these in stock

More of these in stock!

Current seller won’t accept offers below $220 from the note I got back from them a few minutes ago. I initially lowballed at $175 then $200 and they countered with $220 both times and that note.

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this came back up briefly yesterday (ebay returns, maybe?) for $229 and I came with $200. this morning he came back with $220. I was like, “nah”

No, not ebay returns.

Seems like it’s your loss, it’s still well worth it at $220.

Want to use this with ESXi hosts? Check this out.

bought one…ran “fio-status -a”

    Rated PBW: 20.00 PB, -13.44% remaining
    Lifetime data volumes:
       Physical bytes written: 22,688,648,622,573,016
       Physical bytes read   : 25,202,331,699,474,384

-13.44% remaining?
should I be concerned?

Good afternoon! Are these still available?

well taken at face value, the bad news is only 13% life left.

but look at it nominally, that’s still 2500TB left.

for reference my desktop 1TB SSD at home that’s 6 months old has like 8TB written.

FYI, this is a tech deal - not something that we are selling.
Currently, does not sell products or keep inventory.

ioscale life drive cropped
Looks to be a brand new RMA version of the drive. 100% life left


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2+ year update after buying used:

Been using as game storage in windows, PLENTY of life left: Rated PBW: 20.00 PB, 93.40% remaining

CDM 7 benchmark now that it actually has some data on it: