SuperMicro CSE-846 24-Bay Chassis With X9DRi-F and 2x E5-2620 CPUs - $450 OBO

If you’re looking for a turnkey NAS solution, this system is nearly complete.You just need to add RAM and hard drives. The chassis has the SAS2 backplane so there are no issues with large drives, and the included LSI controller can be flashed into IT mode.

Condition: Used, Tested Working. Does not include rails


  • System Board: X9DRi-F (Supports E5-2600 V1 and V2 CPUs)
  • Processor: 2x Intel Xeon 6 Core E5-2620 2.0Ghz, 15MB Cache, 7.2GT/s
  • Memory: None Included (16x DDR3 Slots)
  • Storage: No HDD Included. Includes 24x HDD Sleds, NO Screws (but you can get a set from Amazon here:
  • Backplane: BPN-SAS2-846EL1
  • RAID Controller: LSI 9266-8i SATA/SAS 6Gb MegaRaid Card w/ Battery
  • Operating System: No Operating System
  • Optical: None
  • Power Supply: 2x 1200W PWS-1K21P-1R 80+ Gold Rated
  • Form Factor: 4U

Nice deal, I have almost the exact server! great value if you count the included HBA card and processors

I purchased one of these. Any good ram deals or recommendation on where to buy/what kind since it does not come with any?

This is our favorite around here. It’s really well priced and pretty dense.

If it fits it sits!!

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Do you guys think the bang for the buck is worth it to pay the extra $ to get the X9DRI-LN4F+ motherboard in this one? -

Im ready to pull the trigger but debating between the two…

i found some answers to my questions here

I can’t really answer that question without knowing your use case for the build. If it’s just going to be a storage server, then I would say it’s not worth the upcharge. If you’re going for a VM server, then the extra NICs and memory slots might come in handy. The only other difference between the two boards is the physical size. The LN4F version is the larger EE-ATX form factor, which won’t fit in most cases except these rack units by SuperMicro.

Technically, the + makes it EE-ATX due to increased DIMM slots. LN4F just means it has 4 NIC + IPMI. :smiley:

I have a question/problem with this chassis. So I recently bought it and it came with the BPN-SAS2-846EL1 which has SFF SAS ports.

The issue I am facing is I got a Tyan S5512 motherboard which has 8 sata connectors. Can anyone help me with connecting that SAS port on the backplate with the SATA ports on the motherboard?

The only thing I found is “SAS 36P SFF-8087 to 4 SATA” however like the description says, it is to 4 sata ports and the backplate has only 3 SAS ports. If my math is correct, each SAS port should map to 8 ports so I can connect up to 24 disks.

Any feedback will be appreciated

You need reverse breakout cables, such as these

Also, that backplane has a built-in expander, so technically you would only need a single reverse breakout cable to access all 24 drives. You could add a second cable to increase the aggregate bandwidth, but that’s optional. The third port on the backplane is for daisy chaining another expander, if you ever needed to expand beyond 24 drives.

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