Supermicro CSE-826 2U Chassis BPN-SAS2-826EL1 2x 500W PSU w/ Sliding Rails and 12x Trays - $250 shipped

Supermicro CSE-826 2U Chassis BPN-SAS2-826EL1 2x 500W PSU w/ Rails and 12x Trays

  • CSE-826 Supermicro 2U SuperChassis
  • 2x PWS-501P-1R 500W PSU
  • Sliding Rack Rails
  • 12x 3.5" Drive Trays/Caddies
  • Air Shroud Baffle Cover

$175 + $75 shipping

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>>>LINK<<< seems to not go anywhere. (ebay link works fine though)

Should be fixed now. Thanks!

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How quiet can these be made? Aside from the Q-series PSUs what fan replacements would you suggest?

Generally, I wouldn’t advocate for making them quieter (read: silent) as you will not get adequate airflow to the drives and/or components. You can swap the fans, but even running at full speed I find it’s not sufficient.

Others may have a different opinion.

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So I have a full Rosewill box. I think moving to this setup would be good. What additional hardware should I think about getting to help connect the SASs that are in the Rosewill box to the backplane of this box.

(apologize for n00b question - shooting me over to something to read is perfectly fine.)

Do I need to pass a cable from the back of my Rosewill server box into the card that this box has?


What do you intend to accomplish by doing this?

well, I’d like to move the drives out of the rosewill box and also looking towards eventual expansion as currently the box is physically full.

Just in case useful to anyone here - I run 3x NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM in my SC846. Those things can move some air (albeit in a 4 RU enclosure). Keep my 24 mostly SAS (read: 7200 and toasty) drives in the 40’c/104f range at half speed (1500 RPM).

Also very quiet - server is sitting beside me ~ 3 feet away.