Super nasty 3900x Server

Not sure if this belongs in janky sh*t or completed builds but this past black friday/cyber monday. I had decided to buy and build a Ryzen 3900x server. Since the cost/threads ratio was so dang cheap. Not quite sure what I am going to do with this new beast just yet other than move my Plex server over.

I have just updated it but I want to journal my progress on this website. Part list and cost will be at the end since I upgraded once.

First I started with this set. All together cost was around ~$1270. I was buying the cheapest parts available. That means parts that are considered somewhat garbage.

Completed build (RAM in NSFW slots)

At this point I thought I had finished the build. I started overclocking it. Ram first and then the CPU. I managed to get the Patriot Viper Steel RAM speed to my ideal speed of 3800 (for FCLK 1900). It wasn’t hard since the XMP profile was rated at 3733 lol. I couldn’t lower the timings much because they were some shitty dies (Hynix CJRs). Afterwards I started overclocking the CPU but then I realized that while the Wraith cooler was fancy and better than the stock Intel cooler. It is still a stock cooler. I couldn’t get far without reaching insane temps (I’m talking 90-95c range). As a server machine, I couldn’t run these insane temps 24/7.

I needed an upgrade so I burned another hole in my wallet and purchased an AIO and some new thermal paste. I also got some of those Samsung B-dies otherwise known as the RAM equivalent to liquid cocaine. I got two extra cheap Noctua fans to assist in airflow making this a positive air pressure case so I can control where the dust comes in.

Here are the upgrade parts.

Here they are, installed

Closer up so we can see better. If you have a keen eye, then you may notice that I switched the rear fan around and installed the RAM correctly in the ideal positions. Noctua fans on the top are running intake at 100% 24/7. They are LOUD as fuck at 100%.

I am pretty satisfied so far with the results of the upgrade. I am able to run 4.3 overclock on all cores at 1.17v. The Ryzen 3900x does not need that much power. After about 30 minutes of Prime95, temps were around the 75c range. Very cool, very fast and power efficient.

The new Samsung B-dies lived up to their namesake. These things are quite literally liquid speed. I managed to get the XMP profile of 3200 14-14-14-14-31 to 3800 16-15-8-13-31. Is that single digit tRCDWR you might be asking? Why yes. Yes it is. Samsung B-dies are amazing.

I am still in the process of tightening secondary and Tertiary (third?) timings of the RAM but so far I am very satisfied with this super nasty 3900x server build. Not quite sure what I will be doing with it when I’m done overclocking but I’m open to suggestions. I have 24 threads to use.

Here is the final costs of everything. (currency is CAD)

Ryzen 3900x 663
Cooler Master Elite 500w 50
2x Noctua NF-P12 redux 36
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 122.11
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 15
Adata Ultimate SU650 120gb SSD 25
B450-A Pro Max 110
Deepcool D-Sheild V2 Case 35
VisionTek 4350 gpu 43
T-Force DARK Pro 2x8 3200@CL14 129.99
Ram 6
Mikes Computer Shop 26.37
Sub Total 1391.46
Tax 180.89
Total 1442.36

Your fans are facing the wrong way…

Wrong, how?

I am using rear exhaust and both top ones as intake.

The 2x120mm CPU fans can’t fit in the top.

The rear isn’t exhaust.

What are you planning to do with this?

I would swap out the motherboard for an ASROCK Rack , they have an Ryzen Flavour one with IPMI

The rear isn’t exhaust.

He’s not wrong; as heat rises , it would make more sense to have intake on front , then exhast on top and rear .

Heat rises unless you’re forcing air. Intake on front and bottom, exhaust top and rear.
It has less to do with convection and more to do with the design of the case and positioning of hardware.

Cables could do with tidying , for example the top fans should have the fly leads facing the rear and fished under the mobo (may as well while flipping the fans ) Get some cable ties on groups of cables together

I concur , hot air has less distance to travel at top and back .

I get the reasoning behind why I should make the top exhaust and rear but I’m too lazy to change it now :[

My next build, I will keep this in mind.