Sun Oracle F40 400GB - $28.99 OBO free shipping

From our friends at Rhino Tech.

Unraid compatible, shows as 4x100GB SSDs that you can pool via software.

$28.99 OBO free shipping

Got 4 for $100 on offer last week. Will be great for ZFS log and ARC devices.

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So I bought one of these and it is great! However, the thing that concerns me at night is what if one of the individual SSD cards goes bad ā€“ is there anywhere to source a replacement? Or does it make sense to just buy another card from ebay as a backup in case? I know they are inexpensive, so that might be the best option, but wanted to ask and see if anyone had given this any thought already.


From my post 5 months ago, where I bought 4, Iā€™m only using 3. The fourth is spare in case any production module fails. :slight_smile:

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