Strange issue with GA-7PESH2 and 9207-8i

hey all! having an odd issue with an old build i’m dusting off after some time. using an IT flashed 9207-8i with mirrored samsung SSDs for a libvirt machine, when i install the OS and reboot i’m able to boot into the LUNs containing my zpool, but when i reboot the HBA drops out of the system entirely.

first reboot post-install, i can see the opROM for the HBA being loaded, it shows me my disks, then boots to either the EFI shell or tells me to insert a boot device. second reboot, no opROM, straight to EFI shell. i have several of the same HBA lying around (all IT flashed) and all of them are experiencing this. i have tried clearing the CMOS on the motherboard and that does not work. any ideas?

please let me know if i am not being clear :slight_smile: