Steam Degeneracy Calculator

Alright I’ll start us off, let’s point and laugh at how much of my life has been wasted:

The worst part is that I have at least 2k more hours for ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: OA each, because I ran those independent of Steam for some time. Not to mention all of the games that just aren’t on Steam.

Full details here

Go to the SteamDB calculator here and enter your SteamID to find your info

Highest account value (today’s prices):                  JDM_WAAAT    $14818.00
Lowest account value (lowest prices):                   harrierpigeon    $82.00
Highest avg. price (AAA moneywaster):                   Riggi         $18.85
Lowest avg. price (Steam sale addict):                    harrierpigeon    $10.86
Highest avg. price/hour (doesn’t have enough free time):          manbearpig2012    $17.53
Lowest avg. price/hour (got his money’s worth):              pixitha          $6.32
Highest hours on record (gamer gunk enthusiast):             Riggi        9,386h
Lowest hours on record:                         Mthrboard       38.7h
Highest average playtime:                        Riggi          59h
Lowest average playtime:                         Mazzy        5.1h

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My hours would be up if it counted the 3 years I ignored my gf/wife/ex-wife to play Counter-Strike v0.7 beta or all the years I ignored my current wife to play CS Source.

Would be even worse if it counted Battlefield 2 :frowning:

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Yeah I think that if steam had always counted play hours my time would be a lot higher, but here is the record of my money wasting:

I’ve bought way too many steam sale games.

I hate to think how much I have spent on steam over the years.

Look at these rookie numbers, gotta pump them up… :frowning:

You are the least degenerate here

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Your cropping triggers me

I don’t mind that one as much as Mr. o-NEXT.mp4

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Get on my level.

Pretty lame, Milhouse.

Just like most of my possessions, pretty much worthless.

That is a new low.

You know, I honestly thought mine would be lower.