Staggered spinup in 16-bay DAS required?

Hi, from this guide, 16 bay 4U DAS expansion — has anyone who has built this or something similar seen if staggered spinup is required to successfully power on all the drives at startup? Thanks.

I have. I’ve never used staggered spinup.

I have 30 harddrives in the DAS and NSFW. I don’t stagger the drives except that I turn on the DAS first and then turn on the NSFW. So I start up 15 drives at a time, twice. Never a problem.

Thank you both, that’s good to know. I have a small machine with 5 drives, and I plan to attach 16 drives to the DAS.

What happens if you turn the server on, and then the DAS? I am using snapraid in Windows instead of one of the other RAID softwares. I know that doesn’t offer real-time protection.

I really don’t know. I use unraid and I’ve always heard that I was to start the das first and then the server. Also when shutting down first shut down the server and then the das. I’ve always done that and never had a problem.

Both are on a UPS and it’s set to shut down the server when the battery drops to 50% power. The das later shuts down if the battery runs out, or keeps going if the power comes back on. That works well for me.

My server has 15 spinners with 4 SSD’s and the DAS has 15 spinners (w/ 5 more coming online soon). This whole setup powers up and shuts down using a Dual Power Supply 24Pin ATX Motherboard Mainboard Adapter. No problems here.