Sous Vide that shit

Alright SB guys/gals/gigabytes.

I need your best sous vide recipes. I got me a brand spanking new Anova absolute Unit to cook me some stuff for my birthday. So far I’ve had a winning combo with Steaks, but I want more. MOAR.

Show me what you got! (Send nudes pics plz!)

The more info you include the better. I’m always down to try new recipes. Temps, times, tips, tricks are all welcome.

Here’s a pic of my unit (yep, I went there)


I’d do chicken breast if you haven’t yet. But you can sous vide just about anything. Bacon, eggs, bbq, almost anything.

I like just reusing old recipes and working to adapt them to sous vide.

Get a good vacuum sealer if you don’t already have one.

Try ribeyes at 137f.

oh, and insulated coolers are way better than that plastic shit.

That’ll get you plenty of real-estate for roasts like full packers.

How long? for each?

I literally have nothing besides google and reddit and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of consensus.

So far steaks with Rosemary/thyme/butter/garlic finished with a sear are a monster hit. 135 freedom @ 60 mins

Sous Vide Everything is a nice follow on youtube

Favorite recipe from the channel?

The mashed potatoes he makes here are AMAZING. One tip if vacuum sealing though, double bag the taters because these will be cooking at 185F.