[SOLD] WTS i7-4930k w/ Noctua NHD14, 32GB RAM, ASUS X79 mATX rampage IV gene&SoundProofed mATX Case 140+shipping

Title says it all folks. I am original owner of all this equipment and it has been taken good care of.

I have bundled:
1: Intel i7-4930k 6C/12T 3.4//3.9Ghz turbo (great thermals can easily over clock to 4.5ghz
2: Noctua Nhd14 recently I took it off the cpu and properly cleaned the paste off the cpu and the heatsink and then I used Simple Green Aerospace Cleaner that’s aluminum safe and I dunked the heatsink portion only not the part that touches cpu in my ultrasonic cleaner and cleaned out the dust. I then used compresses air and high purity alcohol to get the remain grime out. I then again but only for 3 min dunked in the ultrasonic cleaner this time filled with aluminum cleaner and restorer and it brought the nice shine back and it’s fully clean. (comes with the original 2 fans that mount to it as well I have reseated the cpu affer fully cleaning the motherbozrd with appropriate anti static and static safe and brushes etc…both fans clip on where they are supposed to however for full disclosure one of the fans which they both have a metal clip on each side to attach to the heatsink, one of the clips is real wonky. Look to the motherboard below for the 2nd and final total disclosure on condition.
2: Asus X79 Rampage IV Gene mATX Motherboard - perfect working condition, the top pcie slot release tab snapped, it’s still fully functional, I just ensure my 1080 GTX was secured on the brackets to the case and never had an issue.
3: 32GB (4X 8GB) DDR3 2133MHz G.Skill RipjawsX
5: X79 never the greatest usb 3.0 support, found a pcie adapter that added 4x usb 3.0 , yours to have
7: Silencio S400 mATX Case - Sound Deadening Case - worked with 2 4tb hdds, pcie nvme boot and 2x 500gb sata ssd but cannot fit much more than that and so I have no use for it as I am buying a rack. Note : I am just giving you an idea what it can fit you still only buying i74930k, Noctua Nhd14, 32gb ram and Asus X79 R4ge inside a silencio s400 case.

Note you will need a GPU and a Powersupply and a disc drive to boot off in order to utilize these components. I do have a newish Corsair RM850 Gold full modular and it was bought new on Amazon less than 6 month ago when the old one failed. If one is interested in this and possibly a pcie nvme adapter (motherboard latest bios and I flashes a custom bios which added less Than 20 characters on the bottom 2 lines of the bios to add full nvme ssd support - prior it would not recognize the drive when installed), also have a Zotac 710 Mini 2gb if someone wanted to receive this and be able to press power and have it turn on and I can install OS of choice per request or even Proxmox or and Unraid whatever you want.

I’m asking for 140+shipping for the i74930k, noctua Nhd14, 32gb (4x8gb) ram and the silencio s400 case.

If you want a fully functional rig when you receive my postage I can add the aforementioned riitop nvme ssd adapter which will be your boot drive, a crucial 500gv nvme ssd, a zotac 710mini 2gb and a corsiar RM850 gold for an an extra 100 bucks

Please message me for any questions or concerns.
I have this on ebay for significantly more as I wanted to give a deal to people on this forum as I am rather new and have so far just used guides and provided nothing in return. Hopefully someone can make good use of this hardware that works well and has many many years of life left.

I accept PayPal or Zelle only.
If PayPal I will send you the invoice providing the details or list of what you are buying and referencing this post and our messages on this forum and saying I will follow up with the tracking information. This gives PayPal concrete information they can use to protect both of us in the event of sketchy behavior. For instance, if I didn’t follow up with any tracking you could say that and provide screenshot of or messages that just went cold. However if it was a lie I could follow up with screenshot of messages showing the tracking information.

Again feel free to message me I’m negotiable a bit.

Hello, please follow the rules outlined here:

Corrected sorry was slammed with work

This item is no longer available. Thank you for letting me post it on this forum.

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