[SOLD] [US-FL] Mini ITX build. i7-4790, MSI Z87i Gaming, 8GB RAM

Bought originally to do a Blue Iris build inside of an Enthoo Pro 2, but decided to hold off for now.

MSI Z87i Gaming AC Mini ITX
Intel i7-4790
8GB 2x4GB PC3 10600U 1333 RAM
Has a freshly pasted Dell LGA 1150 cooler on it now that works just fine. You could easily replace the fan with a Noctua to make it really quiet.

Bios was updated to latest (1.5)
Boots to and runs Windows 10/11 perfectly fine.

$150 shipped

Please include asking price and shipping costs.

This board would go great in the Chenbro SR301.

Yeah posted fron my phone and realized i forgot price as soon as i hit submit. Looked but wouldn’t let me edit while in pending status. Edited OP with 150 shipped.

Sold. Had it cross posted on eBay and got $199+shipping for it.


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