[SOLD] NAS Killer 2.0: Gigabyte GA-7TESM, Dual X5660 w/ Arctic Freezer 12s, 24GB DDR3 1333MHz ECC

Selling my NAS Killer 2.0 build, which includes:

  • Gigabyte GA-7TESM
    • F8 BIOS
    • Onboard SAS2008 flashed to IT mode
  • 2x Xeon X5660 CPUs
  • 2x Arctic Freezer 12 coolers
  • 6x 4GB Samsung PC3-10600R ECC RAM

Everything you need in one box! Asking $250 OBO shipped to continental US. I’m @jsclayton here and in Discord.

Price drop, $250 shipped CONT-US!

Is this still for sale?.

Sure is!

How many HDs can this handle?

14 natively.

Pretty sure the price drop was to $200, but since I’m not an admin I can’t prove you edited the post.

Anyone with common sense can see that though. 1st price is 250 OBO and then the “price drop” is 250?

Nice try scumbag, no longer interested :slight_smile:

The price was $300 OBO, and he dropped it to $250 with the edit. You need to relax.


messaged in discord

Seek help.

Still available?

Sorry, just sold it.

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