[SOLD] Kenwood KR-4010 integrated receiver (1979-1980)

Kenwood KR-4010 integrated receiver

Specs via HifiEngine


  • External: 7/10
    • External condition is not apparent unless you have an extremely discerning eye.
  • Internal: 9/10
    • 1 point off for issue below. Other than that, everything is clean.
  • Functionality: 10/10
    • No issues.


  • Tiny dent in the back right corner of the wood top case
  • One bar of the metal vents is bent upwards, and is most visible when looking at it from the rear. It’s hard to spot from the front of the unit. It can be gently bent back, if you’re careful.
  • Middle light (#2 of 3) is out, but lights 1 and 3 provide plenty of light. There aren’t any dark spots when it’s lit up. I didn’t bother replacing it because I didn’t even know the light was out until I opened the unit up.


  • Wood grain is beautiful. It’s definitely a conversation piece.
  • Factory original stickers are in place and clean, without wear or tear.
  • No issues with the front window, no scratches or breaks. Extremely clean.
  • Sound is incredible.
    • Headphone output is equally impressive.
    • Tone controls are clean and functional with no noise. The tone controls enrich the sound without detracting from it.
  • Knobs are very chunky and satisfying.
    • Knobs are laser cut aluminum, extremely rare (and expensive) for the time.
    • Volume knob is stepped. Also, it’s huge.
  • Multiple inputs
    • Use Tape A/B “play” for Auxiliary input sources, such as PC, chromecast, or CD player.
    • Phono stage for turntable use - I’ve used it with my $400 period correct Kenwood turntable and it sounded fantastic. Modern turntables are supported as well.

If you’re wondering why I’m getting rid of it, it’s because I upgraded to a higher end Kenwood in the same series.

Asking $180 + actual shipping

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