[SOLD] Kenwood KA-501 integrated amplifier (1979-1980)

Video of the VU meters working

Specs via HifiEngine.


  • External: 6/10
    • External condition issues mostly stem from the sides and some light marks on the top.
      The face of the unit is clean.
  • Internal: 10/10
    • No issues.
  • Functionality: 10/10
    • No issues.


  • In the pictures, the face plate is a little dirty. There’s little to no wear, but it could use a good wipe-down.
  • The sides and top of the unit present some wear. The top cover could be sanded and repainted and these issues would not be apparent.
  • The top of the face plate has scratches that continue onto the top cover. It may be possible to refinish this, but I’m not an expert with brushed aluminum, so YMMV. Replacement face plates come up on ebay from time to time.


  • Tons of power. 65 WPC (vintage watts) is an absolute ton, and can drive any speaker or headphone.
  • No issues with the front window, no scratches or breaks. Extremely clean.
  • VU meters and original lights are an perfect working order.
  • Sound is incredible.
    • Headphone output is equally impressive.
    • Tone controls are clean and functional with no noise. The tone controls enrich the sound without detracting from it.
  • Knobs and switches are very chunky and satisfying.
    • Volume knob is stepped. It’s easily the largest volume knob I’ve seen on any piece of equipment. It’s almost the size of a Coke can.
  • Multiple inputs
    • Aux/Tuner inputs function the same, both are good for PC use, CD player, or other audio device.
    • Phono stage for turntable use - I’ve used it with my $400 period correct Kenwood turntable and it sounded fantastic. Modern turntables are supported as well.

Asking $210 + actual shipping costs

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