[SOLD] - Intel D2500CC pfSense Combo

I’m selling my old pfSense router build, based on the Intel D2500CC motherboard. This motherboard has an Atom D2500 2C/2T CPU, 2 DDR3 SODIMM Slots, 2 Gigabit NICs, VGA and DVI video output, Mini-PCI Slot, 2 SATA ports, and a PCI slot. The board is installed in an M350 Mini-ITX case, which has two hidden USB ports behind the front bezel (great for an OS flash drive), keyhole mounting slots on the bottom, and holes in the back for mounting the DC input and a Wi-Fi antenna. I also added a 40mm Noctua fan on the front, but it probably wasn’t necessary - this chip runs very cool and has a max TDP of a measly 10 watts.

What’s included:

  • 1x Intel D2500CC Motherboard
  • 2x Crucial 2GB DDR3 SODIMMs
  • 1x Intel 7260HMW Dual Band Wireless-AC Mini PCI-E Card with 2 external antenna leads
  • 2x WiFi Antennas
  • 1x M350 Mini-ITX PC Enclosure with 2 fan/drive trays
  • 1x 12 Volt 80 Watt PicoPSU
  • 1x 12 Volt Power Brick

I used this box as my primary pfSense router for about 4 years before upgrading to a newer system. The system still works fine, but it’s not quite fast enough to route a full gigabit Internet connection. I got about 600Mbps download with all rules and add-ins turned off, and that dropped to around 400Mbps once packet filtering was turned on. So don’t buy this if you have a gigabit connection. Or do, I can use the money. Also, this CPU does not have AES-NI baked into the silicon, which means that some day, it may not run the latest version of pfSense. It’s good on 2.4 and should work just fine with 2.5 as well when that comes out, but eventually the builds will probably require AES-NI. If you want to use this for something other than pfSense, you can ignore everything I just said.

I’m asking $50 Shipped* for this combo. SOLD

*Price includes free shipping within the US Only.