[SOLD] Aaeon IMBM-Q170 LGA1151 motherboard

Aaeon IMBM-Q170 LGA1151 motherboard (3 available)

Has a ton of USB 3.0 ports and x16 PCIe, as well as 2 open ended PCIe. It also has dual NIC and 6 SATA3.
I/O shield is included with each motherboard.

Aaeon IMBM-Q170 datasheet

$50 shipped each


This is an excellent MB, running one now. Nice having real Intel NICs, dual at that!

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This looks like MicroATX? If so, would it fit into this chassis for a pfsense build? Looks like it’d just need a processor, SSD, RAM and a power supply to be up and running?


No. That chassis is mini-itx.

Bummer! The hunt continues (most of the posts here are for mobo’s that aren’t available anymore or that are overkill/beyond my budget for pfsense.

This would still make a great pfsense build. Most of the chassis in this thread can be modified (with some diy) to fit.

Most of the sm based designs should be about 17 front to back like the Hyve Zeus

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the CSE-512 are shorter, no?

Oh yeah you are correct. those are 14deep. I was thinking the hyve was the standard cse size

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Are any of these still available?

I believe I still have one available, I’ll have to check.

One still available.

If you still have one I would be interested in it.

Yup, still have one!

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