[SOLD] 2011 BMW 335d

Purchased used.

  • Around 65k miles

Specs / Options

  • Sport package (same as M-sport but without front/rear fascia)
    • 18" wheels with sport tires
    • Sport seats
    • Paddle shifters
  • 3.0L I6 twin turbo diesel
  • 6 speed automatic (ZF)
  • Color: Space Grey Metallic
  • Interior: Oyster White w/ Dakota Leather Upholstery
  • 18" OE BMW sport wheels (unused, came in bad shape)
  • 17" OE BMW wheels (original option pack from factory)
    • included Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof


  • JBD performance chip / tune
    • nearly 330hp / 550tq
  • 19" OEM BMW wheels from 3-series convertible
    • Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (275 rear section)
  • Replaced all interior lighting with LED
  • Blacked-out kidney grills

Other additions

  • None


  • Bought the car knowing it needed to have plenum walnut blasted, ended up costing around $2k to have it done
    • After the walnut blasting, MPG and overall engine performance improved significantly (explaining the large MPG discrepancy above)


  • Averaged 28-34 MPG in the city
  • Averaged 38-46 MPG on the highway
  • Extremely fun car to drive. Sounds like a school bus at idle.
  • Pulls hard all the way to 130 MPH. (allegedly)
  • Has more torque at 1000 RPM than a Ferrari 458 does at it’s peak.
  • Even the Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 275 section rear tires weren’t quite enough tire from a standing stop. Great tires overall though, I highly recommend them.

Cruising with the local BMW club

Shortly after picking it up - already blacked out the kidney grills

New wheels and tires

Found a twin turbo buddy at school

My dad liked my 335d so much he bought one of his own! More of a luxury package than sport. Had all the extras. The old 5 series is a co-worker’s car.

He also added a trailer hitch to his… here he is towing a 42U server rack for me.

When my car went in for the walnut blasting, I was given a 2016 550xi M-Sport as a loaner car. For 3 weeks.

And then the 550xi got a flat tire after 2 weeks. They then gave me a 2017 330i M-Sport. The red interior was beautiful!

With my dad’s 335d.

With my buddy’s old 330ci.

Now that I had the car back, we went on a cruise with the local BMW club. (Emily’s car is the Z3)