[SOLD] 2008 Subaru Legacy GT SpecB

Purchased used

Specs / Options

  • Color: Gray
  • AWD
  • GT package
  • 2.5L Turbo
  • SpecB Package
  • 6 speed manual
  • Obsidian Black Alcantara / Leather Interior
  • Torsen Rear Differential
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof


  • Cobb V3 Accessport
  • Cobb Short RAM SF intake (black)
  • Cobb SF Intake air box
  • Cobb Turbo heat shield
  • Invidia catted downpipe (stainless)
  • Invidia catback exhaust Q300 (dual muffler, quad tip, stainless)
  • Perrin Stealth top-mount intercooler (black)
  • Go Fast Bits 50/50 BOV
  • ACT Clutch stage 2 for STI
  • OE Subaru STI flywheel
  • Upgrade transmission and differential fluids
  • IAG Air / Oil separator
  • StopTech performance rotors
  • Hawk Performance brake pads
  • SPT Engine mounts
  • Kartboy short shifter
  • Kartboy shifter bushings
  • COBB black shift knob
  • STI Transmission mount
  • Protune and all work done by IAG Performance
    • 282 WHP / 363 WTQ @ 18 PSI
  • Final tune was at 21 PSI, but I can’t find the dyno sheet…
    • If I recall correctly, it was 299 WHP and 398 WTQ

Other additions

  • 18" 2014 WRX wheels + tires purchased for $500 (new condition, < 500 miles on them)
  • 17" 2015 Impreza Sport wheels purchased for $200 (used these with snow tires)
  • Bought a second SpecB trunk assembly (complete!) for $185, and “deleted” the rear wing.
  • Blacked out the headlight assembly by removing them, baking in the oven, splitting them, painting, re-sealing with headlight sealant
  • All exterior chrome was blacked out
  • Ugly stock grill was replaced


  • Even when stock, the shifter and/or transmission never felt quite right. I never had any problems, but there was a certain notchy-ness and lack of precision that I couldn’t lock down.
  • Subaru’s paint sucks. It’ll chip if you so much as look at it the wrong way.
  • I was less than pleased with the interior quality of the car. Everything looked nice, and I’m sure it was nice when new, but it just felt cheap.
  • Car was a little picky about gas - the Cobb Accessport would scream at me if I went and got “bad gas” (which meant anything other than Shell V-Power)
    • I was considering switching to E85, but I ended up selling the car before I did


Dyno Sheet (all tuning and performance work done by IAG Performance)

Emily’s old Outback sedan and my Parent’s Impreza Sport

Spending the day at an Apple Orchard.

Plastidipped the stock wheels white.

My dad borrowed my WRX wheels for a while on his Impreza Sport.

One of the only interior pics I have of the car

Last two pictures before I sold it :frowning:

Shortly after I first got the car - all stock

Spoiler delete

2015 Impreza wheels with Bridgestone Blizzak tires

Invidia exhaust + spoiler delete

2014 WRX wheels with Dunlop Sport SP-01 tires