[SOLD] 2002 BMW 325xiT wagon


Purchased used in November 2018.

  • around 140K miles

Specs / Options

  • Color: Gray Green Pearl Metallic
  • 2.5L I6
  • AWD
  • 5 Speed Automatic
  • Tan Interior
  • Heated Seats (must have for a winter car!)
  • Sunroof


  • Rubber OEM BMW floor mats (tan)

Other additions

  • None


  • Brake pads and rotors replaced
  • Spark plugs and coil packs replaced
  • Valve cover was cracked, and entire unit was replaced.
  • Engine mounts were non-existent, and were replaced.
  • Radiator had a small crack, and was replaced. (incl. hoses & thermostat)
  • All belts replaced.
  • Control arm bushings replaced


  • Rear springs are rusted out and need to be replaced.
    • Passenger’s side rear is worse than driver’s side, car leans a little bit.
  • Front right CV / axle needs to be replaced
  • All bushings are about shot
  • Shocks are overdue to be replaced
  • Transmission doesn’t like to lock up when it should. It will, it’s just a little slow to do it.
  • Headlights are hazing a bit and need to be refinished or replaced.
  • Driver’s seat has a small tear in it.
  • Shift lever wood is cracked. (I haven’t seen a BMW from this era that doesn’t have a cracked one)
  • AC system needs to be looked at. Has a slow leak.
  • Cooling system is due for overhaul at some point.


  • Aside from the driver’s seat, the interior is very clean and well kept. The carpets look brand new.
  • Despite the laundry list of problems and repairs, the car has been great. I don’t drive it a whole lot, but I do take it out for random errands. Mostly I use it during the winter.

From the craigslist ad


A good friend helping me replace the brakes

Bought this car for winter use, it was a trooper all winter.

This is what happens when you leave your lights on…