[SOLD] 1997 BMW Z3 roadster


Purchased used in August 2016.

  • around 72K miles

Specs / Options

  • Color: Türkisgrün
  • 1.9L 4-Cyl
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • Black Interior
  • Black Soft Top


  • Previous owner removed the catalytic converter and changed the muffler.

Other additions

  • None


  • Brake pads and rotors replaced
  • Nail in tire, removed and plugged
  • Front shocks and shock mounts replaced
  • Control arm bushings replaced
  • Battery replaced
  • Fog lights were disconnected (???) - plugged them back in.
  • Valve cover gasket produced minor leak. Gasket was replaced.
  • Brake fluid dirty - was flushed and replaced. No issues since.


  • The driver’s seat bushings are shot. The seat likes to move forward and back a little bit sometimes.
  • The clutch will probably need to be replaced soon-ish.
  • Very tiny coolant leak


  • This is Emily’s car! She bought it as a present to herself for passing the Bar exam.

Emily picking the car up from the previous owner!

His and Hers

On a cruise with the local BMW club

I can be such an absolute child sometimes