So Far So Good - NAS Killer Thermaltake

I started with an X8SIL, 8GB of DDR3, and a SUPER cheap X3430. With eBay discounts I came out to about $48 USD/ $65 CDN.

Managed to find a Thermaltake core P5 for $65 CDN. PSU I sourced from a used computer, and CPU Fan I found on Amazon for $17.

Total at this point is under $150 CDN or $110 USD.

I found a 1TB SSD for $129 CDN (waiting on the 16TB deal to ship!) and installed a copy of Server 2019. Total hardware cost comes to $280 CDN / $210 USD until I can add some real space to it.

The downside I guess is that the power supply cable is not long enough for routing through the back, but for not having to worry about buying one I’m happy for now.

How’s your build coming along? I have that… “case” and I think it’s pretty neat. I haven’t found much of a use for it though.