Size cpu/radiator for CWWK N100 Mobo

Good morning everybody, i want buy Cwwk mobo N100 and i wish buy a Noctua cpu fun because everybody comment in forum that this maker is more silent. I need know size cpu fan for Cwwk n100 mobo and if has one recomendación for Noctua will be fantastic

In this forum i can put links without problems?

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Pd. Sorry my basic enghish

It’s a poor practice to keep posting the same question in random locations just because you haven’t gotten the answer you want yet.

A noctua fan is likely overkill for an n100 cpu. They don’t run very hot. The case airflow will probably be fine with the integrated heat sink on the motherboard package.

Ok. Understood, it won’t happen again. If would intall a cooler fan, what cooler fan, Which one would you buy?