Shuckable Hard Drives

Is there any rhyme or reason to these drives? Is there any way to know what type of hard drive is inside the case before putting the money down and liberating it? I’ve seen videos of Easystore’s with WD red drives and I’ve seen other videos with “white” drives. Help me Obi-wan…

The reason is that they are cheap. The white label drives have similar quality to red drives.
Most of us use them because it’s the best way to get cheap, dense storage.

I mean, where else are you going to get 14TB for $209?

FYI, Newegg has 12TB WD Element
Promo: EMCDEDE42


I think they had the Red labels at first, but I’ve only gotten white labels. Not that it matters after you put it in the PC. I think mine were all -EMAZ 8gb. Best thing to do though is to plug the drive into your USB BEFORE shucking and make sure the drive doesn’t have any issues and is the correct size. I’ve seen posts on other forums of people shucking them to find out someone swapped out the drive with a 500gb drive and returned it.

Hey guys, just bought an easystore 8TB from Bestbuy and got a “EDAZ” drive, are still rated like Red or these are some cheap new ones WD making to replace Blue!? I need to know before I start putting this on my Unraid so any fast response is really appreciate it.