Should I keep old Xeon Workstation as NAS or Replace with NAS Killer?

Hi, I’m new to this forum but have been running Plex for a few years now. I’ve been running it on an old HP xw8600 Workstation, but it’s running Win7 and needs to be updated or replaced. I’d love some feedback on whether or not it’s pointless to keep the server.

The way I see it, I have two options:

  1. Load Unraid on the xw8600 and us it as a NAS / Radarr / Sonarr box. Buy a separate box (maybe a 290) for Plex.
  2. Build a do-it-all NAS Killer 4 and get rid of the xeon box.

Specs on the xw8600:

  • 2x Intel Xeon X5460 (3.16GHz) LGA 771
  • 22GB ECC (2x1GB, 2x2GB, 4x4GB) FB-DDR2
  • Adaptec RAID 6805
  • LSI Adapter, SAS 300 series, 8-port with 1068 (idk it’s Onboard)
  • 4x 3TB WD RED in RAID5 (on Adaptec)
  • 3x 10TB (WD Shucked Easystore) Waiting to be installed after upgrade
  • 500GB Samsung 860 SSD for OS and NZB DL

Thanks for looking

Decided to go with option 1.

  • For Plex, I picked up a HP 590-p0033w (i3-8100).
  • For the NAS I replaced the 2 X5460’s with the 1 original E5420 (2.5Ghz) which shaved about 40 watts off it’s idle usage (from 225~ to 185~).

Not sure how I missed this post - sorry about that. Looks like you have a good start.