Share your Dockers and Discuss

Simply post your Dockers and try say what your use case is:

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Apt-Cacher-ng - Proxy for Ubuntu VMs, think of it like steamcache
bazarr - (testing) haven’t messed much with this yet
calibre-web - Calibre interface
Clarkson - Interface for capturing gas/mileage etc
Cloud9 - (testing) Coding interface for AWS stuff, testing this against VS Code
ddclient - dynamic dns backup
duckdns - primary dynamic dns
dupeguru - find those duplicate files on your array
funkwhale - really whips the llama’s ass
gitea - code repo
glances - look into system internals on your unraid box aka “what docker is misbehaving”
grocy - (testing) Grocery/pantry management
heimdall - quick n dirty ui for your services
krusader - file management webui
magicmirror - dashboard stuff (use with a pi or always on display)
mariadb - it’s a database
nzbget - reads news articles
openvpn-as - remote in to the network
plex - watch my dog videos
radarr - finds dog videos
RDP-Calibre - ebook management
resilio-sync - used for file sync
rutorrent - yep
smokeping - is my network acting up? Is yours?
sonarr - finds my dog shows
tautulli - tells me what people are watching my dog videos

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I know there are more people out there using Docker. Come share your stuff!


ill cover what hasnt been mentioned above:

Bitwarden = my own private self-hosted Lastpass
Duplicati = Cloud backups
Filebot = Part of my media management workflow
Ghost = a website CMT
Gitlab = selfhosting my scripts
Postgresql = I prefer it to Mariadb or mysql
Pritunl = My VPN server
Taisun = a lightweight container based VDI solution I am trying out.

Just basic apps like a lot of you. :slight_smile:

Excluding containers already mentioned,

Ombi - A movie/TV request server. Allows users of my Plex server to request new shows or movies. Integrates directly with both Radarr and Sonarr so it can be downloaded immediately.

InfluxDB - A time-series database used for recording data from Home-Assistant & Glances

Grafana - A graphing and analytics program to create graphs, trends, and charts from the InfluxDB data.

SyncLounge - A server that allows groups to simultaneously watch Plex content. It allows for group pausing (so everyone stays in sync) and a group chat.

This is what I am using so far about a week in.

updated 11/25

In addition to this I run pfSense where my openVPN, pfBlocker, Acme, and HaProxy live

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My Docker use has expanded a bit since my last post so I figured I would share the progression


I am still using pfSense where my openVPN, pfBlocker, Acme, and HaProxy live

Both systems have their own UPS’s