Several things I need to price for a quick 48 hour auction

See if I can explain all this.

I have a rack full of hardware I don’t need. This entire rack (but it had plenty of space in it, point being he has it loaded.

There were two sets of Dell MD1220 connected to a separte Dell MD1200. So he had it twice, but there are spares everywhere.

Also is a standup server to me, but it’s a Dell precision t5610, except I loaded this thing up. I added the second 2706 Xen so it had 2. I boosted the ram to 80GB, and the way I left it buying bigger chips you could max it out.

Also on the servers. the drives weren’t full on all of these. But there was an MD 1220 that does have 24X 900g 10k drives in it

On top of that, I put an icy dock in it which holds 4x2.5" drives I can’t remember if I have 600GB or 900GB I think it’s 900. On the MD1200 it has 12x4TB drives in it. all of these work, in fact, he recently purchased new bevel covers with keys attached too. cheap to buy

There are also some miscellaneous items in the rack I’m not familiar with. I’m not sure what size so I could get this shit sold. I’m in a very bad way and what I was hoping to do is unload this stuff in a so to speak fire sale. I also have a nice glass door I think it’s half rack, might be 1/4. it has an HTPM in it but I don’t know the specs on it till I get the whole thing.

So sad, I’ve been working with this guy since 1999 and got to be like a brother with him and brother-in-law with her. She got sick, but as she was bedridden, my friend had bladder cancer and didn’t know. So he died. after a week I took a big Uhaul to Memphis (i lived in hot springs Arkansas then) so it was only 120 miles. The worst thing is his death was the last straw of her will to live and she died 12 days later

That’s how I ended up with all of this

I need to find someone that can let me know what this stuff is ballpark for a 2-day auction so I can get the money in time

Sorry for dumping all this.

FYI in case I didn’t mention, there’s a server in it too, but I don’t have the specs yet, there’s also a 24port 110v power cleanser in it, and APC 3100s