meetup #1 meetup #1

Saturday, 2019-09-08T01:30:00Z
Wynkoop Brewing
Denver, Colorado.

Featuring @JDM_WAAAT, @manbearpig2012, @ALANMAN, @faultline, and @Hey_Danny.

Will you be attending? Flights to Denver are cheap from [insert your locale here]. More info HERE.


I’ll be there. I think we need to hit a brewery. Maybe wynkoop 2nd floor?

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I am out. :frowning: Will be in Vancouver at that time. Why cant you folks come to florida!!!.. DISNEY…UNIVERSAL!!!..

But yea, I would have loved to be in CO. It’s been sometime since i saw those beautiful mountains!!..

We will be there in 2020, actually.

I’m in… assuming I get the day off work. I live like 20-30 minutes from Denver… be a little silly if I didn’t make it.


I’m in!

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Im in the Springs so I will be there!

Moving to the Springs this weekend, may have to stop up!

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We’ve already had 4 people confirm!

seriously considering, I have a colleague in that area that I’ve been wanting to visit for nearly a decade so this would give me an excuse to finally make it happen!

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I live in NoCo , should be easy to get there.

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FoCo by chance?

Basically, Windsor actually.

I lived in C Springs and downtown Denver for years. This will be fun to get back.

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We’ve been planning this for a while. Can’t wait!



Ill be here, being a local just give me the time and place

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could someone please post more detail on the event? Still considering but it’s a big trip for me