Server Recommendation

Hey All,

Not sure what I am looking for but I want to protect the IP for a company that I work for, we currently use dropbox with a workforce of around 20(multiple offices) and the boss wants it so when the user is using dropbox, he can only work inside dropbox, so can’t move files outside of dropbox and I have done some research and apparently servers are the way to go for this, think they call it a gateway server? Just wondering if I am on right track and I have heard these types of servers can cost more than 15k?

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Any on-prem server solution for a company is gonna be pricey because you don’t just roll a DIY pc build out for a business. You want something with a warranty and failover. Not to mention backups, on-prem and off, as well as offline.

That being said, it sounds like you don’t need a file server but rather a robust group-policy config that prevents exfiltrating data. Unless I’m totally misunderstanding what you’re asking for.

We just rolled out 4 DIY servers for our ~500 person business. All parts are warrantied with 3 year.

I hear, I work for an MSP, and we would absolutely refuse to support that sorta project, the headache of having to troubleshoot different parts and each parts OEM blaming the other and the resulting downtime isn’t worth the savings. I previously worked for a large multinational and it was the same deal.

Going with dell/hp/etc means you call someone who shows up in 4 hours and fixes it. (Which I’ve used many times with great success)

Right now I’m experiencing this first hand for a pc I built for myself. The GPU is having intermittent issues, and GPU warranties being what they are I need to ship it to them on my own dime so they can send me a “refurbed” one. Yuck.

Not saying there aren’t cost savings and benefits to DIY, but for businesses it can end up costing more in lost productivity/time.

Anyway even if you DIY you still gotta come up with a proper backup solution that doesn’t contain the words “hope, probably, likely, the chances” anywhere. Which usually costs a good amount of money on top of your server solution.