Server onboard vga port flashing display

Hello all,

I have a custom server setup in a custom case, specs are as follows:

-2 intel Xeon e5-2620 (one removed temporarily)
-850 watt semi modular power supply
-super micro x9dr3/I-f motherboard
-32 gigabytes of ram on each processor
-4 Western digital gold 2tb drives currently unconfigured
-1 San disk 1 tb SSD holding windows and programs

The problem I am running into is that I changed a few settings in the bios to support a graphics card in the top pcie slot. Problem is every time I boot up the machine, it gives me a light gray scren flashing between white stripes and blank, with three quick low pitched beeps and one quick high pitched beep. The following settings I changed before it started malfunctioning are these:

  • video priority offboard
  • PCIE addressing above 4G
  • onboard VGA off jumper on the motherboard
  • ASPM to auto

I put the jumper back in it’s factory position and reset the cmos through the jumper, but it still won’t display properly. No activity from the drives, the only cpu in there right now is warm, and it worked perfectly fine before this. I’ll attach pics.


This could be as simple as a faulty VGA cable. Have you tried a different one?

I’ve retried several cables, still not working. I also noted that the BMC heart beat LED is no longer blinking.