Server Build Old or New Motherboard

Hi everyone,

This is my first time on here and I am looking to build a file/plex server. So far I have managed to get hold of a Fractal Node 804 (very cheap) as a starter, however, with regards to the other parts relies on the motherboard I choose.

I am torn between going for something like a ‘SuperMicro’ (DDR3), but not always that easy to source on ‘eBay UK’ or a more modern one like ‘Asus’ (DDR4). I want to have a least 6 SATA ports for now.

So is it better to go old and hope the parts last or new, which hopefully will last longer and maybe more reliable?

Would really appreciate any advice.

It’s best to go with whatever fits your budget. Older Supermicro stuff is still very good and serviceable.

Newer stuff will perform a better and potentially be more power efficient, but if you aren’t pushing it hard, you may not see a difference.

Newer equipment isn’t necessarily going to last longer and be more reliable. Look at what reliable brands are available and choose from those. Supermicro and Asus are both good brands. If Asus is more available and fits your budget, then go with that.

SATA ports can always be added after the fact.

used supermicro server gear is fantastic and tends to last. but i’m not sure what is available in the uk at the moment which will be a big consideration as shipping across the pond can add up.

the node 804 is a darling case. i used it in my first server build with a supermicro m-atx board. you will not be unhappy with that chassis.