Self-Host vs Paid Hosting: Which one is best for me?


I have an Anniversary 2011 build that my Plex server has been running off of through Windows Server. I’m fairly new to networking and servers but am interested in starting up my own web sites. I am looking to set up 2 personal web sites.

Self Hosting: What are the benefits and drawbacks? Would i mainly be using WAMP/MAMP to host my web site on my server since i have Windows Server installed? What security concerns should i think about?

Paid Hosting: There are so many options… Some offer unlimited web sites and all are within $3-7 per month with promotional offers.

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I would recommend doing both.

The reason for the paid hosting account is for stability in the hosting account. You are paying someone else to ensure the internet connection and the web server stays live, and if something happens you have a paid support resource.

Then for the self hosting account, you can create a subdomain for each domain to point to your IP address (hopefully you have a static IP) and then play with your own server setup. This will also keep your server from being easily identifiable as a security target. Your web server will still be a target, but if your web server crashes or gets compromised, your web sites would still function being hosted through the paid provider.

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