Seanho Workstation with 65" LCD

Hi all! Here’s my home office!

  • Hisense 65U6GR
  • HP290, 9400, 32GB
  • Wireless split ergo keyboard: nuclear hypergolic by broom with 30g linear chocs and MBK
  • Apple Magic Trackpad v1
  • $15 folding table from Costco

This photo is from a few months back, but not much has changed besides positioning the split halves further apart at the ends of the table.

Also see my basement rack!


I’ve been clicking the “also see” links, but now I’m stuck in a loop. Please send help!

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So talk to me about using a big screen, 4k resolution, and a fairly far viewing distance compared to a typical monitor…

why this and not a smaller monitor closer to your face?

do you have to zoom the display or text or make other adjustments?

Good question! Yes, for years I used a 27" 1440p IPS at a normal viewing distance of about 24", so this is a little over twice the size and about twice the viewing distance, but 4k so each pixel has a bit smaller of an arc-angle.

My motivation was to ease strain on my aging eyes by increasing focal distance, and in that regard it’s been reasonably successful. I’ve bumped up the fonts to 14pt base, but haven’t touched dpi/scaling.

Most TVs are limited on refresh rate; mine does 60fps at 4k. I’m using it for office work, development and writing, not gaming, so I’m ok with that. (In truth, the HP 290 currently running it only has HDMI 1.4 output, so 4k 30fps right now! Please don’t throw tomatoes!)

I haven’t utilized the screen real estate much yet, beyond the occasional left/right split with a PDF for reference and a document to edit, or a full-screen VIM with three vertical splits. I’ve always used twelve virtual desktops and have never felt constrained on desktop space, even at 1080p. One of these days, I’ll switch to sway or similar tiling wm to flip windows around faster.

I also quite like the feeling of a bunch of open space in front of me; hence the choice of a small table. At some point, I plan to mount my split wireless keyboard on magic arms clamped to my armrests, captain’s chair style (adding a nice tenting angle to boot). With mousekeys or a trackpoint in the keyboard, I could then eliminate the table entirely.

I just had the vision of you using a captain Kirk style chair.

You should pursue this vision

Make it so! :laughing: