Sata power splitter

Hi guys,

Long time lurker and now finally doing my first post. I need some help about SATA splitter if I should use or not.

I have a Rosewill LSV-4500U. The 3 caddies support up to 5 drives so I was looking to get something clean with 5 sata power connector. I would like to get 1x (m) to 5x (f), but I am unable to find anything with more than 1 (m) to 4 (f) that is from a reputable brand like cable matters or startech. Everything else is from ebay or amazon.

Can I use these without any problem or I should avoid it ?


I’m rebuilding mine and am in same boat. Did you find a good 5x SATA splitter?

Ive had good luck with these startech ones from -

The molded connector is the ones I read about a fire risk versus the press on connectors which pierce the cable.

This is also an interesting DIY approach -